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Best-in-class legal services
enhanced by technology

The secure cloud-based system enables fast and effective collaboration between our experts and your business. Clients and lawyers can view files online, upload files and images from a smart device and collaborate on Google Docs in real time.

File Management

By keeping important information and documents safely stored in one location, the technology delivers time savings and cost efficiency. With less resource eaten up by administrative processes, our clients experience outstanding value for money.

Streamlined communication

See quotes and invoices as they are created; chat to your lawyer online and review documents within seconds of them being uploaded. You can add colleagues so that everyone who matters always has the information they need.

Transparent Legal workflow

An innovative legal platform

In the belief that communication is key to efficiency and success, we have chosen Legal Connection as our platform for connecting with our clients.

Designed to enhance transparency and aid collaboration, the technology facilitates our goal of providing outstanding legal services in ways that work best for our clients.
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Benefit from future-focused technology

We combine traditional legal expertise and values with 21st-century technology. As a Lawminded client, you’ll receive a username and password to connect to the Legal Connection platform. This is where you will correspond one-to-one with your lawyer, share files, track tasks and see all of your quotes and invoices.
  • Faster than email and more secure
  • Upload images from your phone – no need to scan
  • Search and find documents easily
  • Track and approve costs and spend
  • Manage tasks and set deadlines
  • Collaborate as a team, wherever you are based
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