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Technology augmented legal services 

We use a cloud-based filing system where our lawyers and clients can view and upload any file from any device and even collaborate on Google Docs in real time.

File Management

Thanks to the legal communication platform, sharing important information and files are much easier and time saving which contributes to the overall efficiency of our lawyers.

Streamlined communication

Our clients can see quotes and invoices as they are created . All legal documents shared can be accessed and reviewed in one place.

Transparent Legal workflow

Legal Technology

We believe that communication is key to efficiency and success.  For this reason, we use the Legal Connection platform to connect with our customers online.
All legal documents are shared, managed and stored on this secure, yet easy-to-use platform, making all the legal files accessible and visible in real-time for our clients. 
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Client benefits

When you join us as a client, you will receive a username and password to connect to the Legal Connection platform.  You can use the platform to chat to your lawyer, share files, track tasks and see all of your quotes and invoices.  Need to share an important document?  You can take a photo with your phone and upload directly to the secure web application.  This is a great way to stay connected and follow our progress as we work to bring you the best-in-class legal services.
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