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Lawminded is a Bulgarian-based law firm, being known for its commercial awareness and commitment to clients' business needs and goals.
We are passionate lawyers, who are dedicated to support entrepreneurs and businesses along their journeys with the right legal strategy: either remotely through our secure communication platform or in-person. 
We grow with you

Today we are experiencing a fast-paced and continuous digitalisation, changing both our personal and professional lives. To satisfy the need for  modern legal services,  that are easily accessible, trustworthy and without hidden fees and costs were the main driving factors when establishing Lawminded.

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How we work
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Smart and Efficient Workflow
We believe that change is needed in the way lawyers and legal advisers work with businesses.
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All our clients are entitled to login to our legal communication platform, which is a secure, yet easy-to-use system that supports the legal workflow by unlocking streamlined information flow between Lawminded and our clients and provides possibilities to store all clients documents at one place.
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Transparent Billing
and Invoicing 
We work tirelessly to provide the most efficient, innovative and smart online and in-person legal assistance. Our services follow fixed-fee pricing model, all prices are shared with our clients in advance.
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Remote & On-Demand Legal Assistance
We can provide each of our legal services fully online and remotely. Files are shared and managed via a secure and custom legal client  management platform.
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Progressive, Forward-looking and experienced legal professionals