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Progressive, Forward-looking and experienced legal professionals

Progressive, Forward-looking and experienced legal professionals

Providing excellence
in legal services
Based in Bulgaria, Lawminded is a forward-looking legal practice. We blend commercial legal expertise and strategic thinking with our passion for helping clients to meet and exceed their business goals. This progressive approach defines the way we work with clients as well as the expert legal services we deliver.

As an experienced team, we are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and businesses as they grow. We work closely and flexibly with every client to understand and address their needs, either remotely,  through our secure tech platform, or in-person.
Partnering with you
to help you thrive

Digital innovation is enhancing the way we live and work. Lawminded capitalises on emerging technology to help your business move forwards. Our best-in-class service offers an accessible, secure and transparent way of working, with no hidden fees and costs.

Keyboard and Mouse
A service focused
on outcomes
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smart and
efficient workflow
Our approach transforms the way lawyers and legal advisers work with businesses so we can maximise results for our clients. When we spend less time on administration, we can focus more on your success.
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Our secure legal communication platform refines the flow of information between lawyer and client. Your documents are stored securely in one place so they are accessible on demand, wherever you are.

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transparent billing
and invoicing 
We offer outstanding online and in-person services on a fixed-fee basis to help you get the most from your legal strategy. This is part of our commitment to simplifying processes without compromising on quality.
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remote on-demand Legal services
Our legal services can be fully delivered online. Working closely with our experts, you’ll share and manage files, tasks and correspondence via a secure and tailored legal platform.
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We are here to support your business with the right legal advice. Schedule your initial free consultation with us.

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