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We are a forward-looking law firm aiming to achieve excellence in our services by providing on-demand legal solutions that are well-aligned with our clients' specific needs. With the help of our autonomous legal technology platform, we are here to support your business throughout your journey.

We bring innovative & entrepreneurial thinking to align solutions with our clients needs. 

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Our tech-enabled advisory services allow our solutions to be
quick and progressive.

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Legal thinking for business growth

Our Founding Partner and CEO Miglena Dimitrova

has a great deal of experience as a corporate and competition lawyer and legal entrepreneur.

Miglena’s dedication for helping clients with innovative and successful  legal solutions is a core value, motivation and inspiration for establishing Lawminded, aiming to provide the right legal advice to the businesses for achieving sustainable growth.

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“Lawminded is a way of legal thinking aiming to help our clients by providing the most effective,smart and bespoke legal advice- always with success.”

Legal technology

We believe that communication is key to efficiency and success. With the help of our legal technology network, our lawyers are able to respond to clients' needs as simple and quick as possible.


All the legal documents are shared, managed and stored on this secure, yet easy-to-use platform, making all the legal files accessible and visible in real-time for our clients. 



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Fields of expertise

We offer you our experience and proficiency in M&A deals and advise you on each step of the forthcoming M&A transaction.

We help you create your business and support your growth and success. 

Corporate and Commercial Law
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Mergers and Acquisitions
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We offer you our experience and proficiency in M&A deals and advise you on each step of the forthcoming M&A transaction.

Our clients can count on our extensive experience in all aspects of antitrust and competition law.

Antitrust and Competition
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Our intellectual property team advise on every stage of the development and life cycle of rights such as patents, copyright, trademarks, database and design rights – from registration to enforcement.

Trademark and Copyright Law
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We are helping our clients to achieve financial growth by ensuring that their equity finance transaction process is legally valid and compliant with the recent regulations.

Banking and Financing
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We have the experience to solve your disputes and to provide you the best legal strategy and advice to defend the interests of your company and to achieve a successful outcome for your business.

Commercial Litigation
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