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We are  a future-focused law firm with a background in providing high-quality legal services. Lawminded was established to flexibly deliver the legal expertise that will help our clients thrive.

Through an autonomous, tech-enabled communication platform, we support each client individually and flexibly according to their needs.

Progressive technology gives you access to expert legal advice quickly and flexibly.


A legal team that works to your schedule via an intuitive communication platform.


legal thinking
for business growth

Founding Partner Miglena Dimitrova is an attorney-at-law and legal entrepreneur with a desire to do things differently. With a strong background in corporate and competition law working for large practices, her specialist areas include corporate and commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, competition law and IP.


Miglena launched Lawminded to transform the way lawyers and clients work together. Based on a progressive service model, Lawminded enables businesses to efficiently achieve sustainable growth and commercial success.

“Lawminded is a new way of legal thinking and collaborating. We’ve changed how lawyers and clients work together to provide a smart, strategic legal service that delivers the results our clients are seeking.”

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agile legal technology

Good communication between client and lawyer is essential for sustainable strategic outcomes. Lawminded utilises the latest legal technology to enhance the client-lawyer relationship. An intuitive tech platform allows our team to respond to your needs quickly and effectively. Clients can easily access files and are able to contact us when it suits them.

All legal documents are shared, managed and stored on a secure, easy-to-use platform. This ensures all legal files are safe, accessible and visible in real-time for our clients. 



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Court House

Fields of expertise

We offer you our experience and proficiency in M&A deals and advise you on each step of the forthcoming M&A transaction.

We help you create your business and support your growth and success. 

Corporate and Commercial Law
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Mergers and Acquisitions
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We offer you our experience and proficiency in M&A deals and advise you on each step of the forthcoming M&A transaction.

Our clients can count on our extensive experience in all aspects of antitrust and competition law.

Antitrust and Competition
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Our intellectual property team advise on every stage of the development and life cycle of rights such as patents, copyright, trademarks, database and design rights – from registration to enforcement.

Trademark and Copyright Law
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We are helping our clients to achieve financial growth by ensuring that their equity finance transaction process is legally valid and compliant with the recent regulations.

Banking and Financing
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We have the experience to solve your disputes and to provide you the best legal strategy and advice to defend the interests of your company and to achieve a successful outcome for your business.

Commercial Litigation
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